Cultivation and varieties
Some Pear Varieties
The California Bartlett is, without a doubt, the darling of the Americas, but it is not the only variety to have found favour among consumers, who are increasingly open to novelty, as well as to rediscovering old favorites.

Red Bartlett

Available from late July through November, red pears come in several varieties, each with its own attractive shade and exceptional flavor.


Available from early August through December, Bosc pears have a distinctive russet-gold skin and a slender tapered form that can be easily identified by customers. Bosc have a firm texture and dense flesh with a unique nutty flavor. Bosc pears are the best variety for cooking.


Available mid-August through December, Comice are known by their distinctive "short-neck" shape. These fine-textured pears tend to be greenish-yellow and have a mild buttery, sweet flavor. Comice pears are considered the "holiday pear" because they are commonly used in holiday fruit baskets.

Green Anjou

Available late September through June. The most important fact to understand about Anjou pears is that they do not change color as they ripen. Unlike Bartletts, another familiar green pear variety that does change to yellow during ripening, Green Anjous will remain green even when fully ripe.


Available from mid-August through November, Seckels are a popular dessert pear due to their sweet, spicy flavor. Seckels are further distinguished by their small elliptical shape and medium-green to russet exterior with hints of maroon coloring. Comparativeley, Seckels are thick-shinned with a firm texture.


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