Health - Nutrition Hints
Health - Nutrition Hints

The Art of the Picnic
Health - Nutrition Hints

For a balanced meal, pair charcuterie products (cold meats, pâté, sausage, etc.) with fruit or vegetables.
The choice of ingredients is vast and the combinations almost limitless: Rice, pasta, couscous, corn and even dried legumes for complex carbohydrates; raw and cooked vegetables for vitamins and fiber; eggs, meat and fish for protein; cheese for calcium.

If you're watching your waistline, consider vegetables that can be eaten raw: Radishes, cherry tomatoes or carrot sticks - or enhance them with dressings made with yogurt or cottage cheese.

For dessert, take advantage of the selection of summer fruits. They're rich in vitamins, refreshing, and easy to eat. Seasonal fruits (peaches, nectarines, apricots, cherries) or even apples and bananas all have the advantage of traveling well.

Charcuterie for a balanced meal
Eaten sensibly, charcuterie products, paired with fruits or vegetables, are a perfect part of a balanced diet and offer many advantages:

they're an important source of beneficial animal proteins, thanks to the presence of essential amino acids;
good fats: contrary to popular belief, charcuterie products contain mostly unsaturated fats (61%);they're excellent sources of vitamins and minerals, including B-group vitamins (mainly 131, PP, B6 and B12), haem iron and zinc.

A few tips

To limit the fat content, remove the rind from ham.
Opt for thin slices and small portions to create a light but enjoyable picnic.

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