The Art of the Picnic with charcuterie products
The Art of the Picnic with charcuterie products

The Art of the Picnic
It just wouldn't be a picnic without charcuterie products…

Charcuterie - cured or cold meat products such as ham, pâté, sausages and terrines - have always been a traditional part of these lunches on the grass. Easy, tasty and perfect for a crowd, they're the perfect food to add to your picnic basket.
Accompanied by mini vegetables, seasonal fruit and specialty breads, these meat products are the perfect choice for an outdoor meal - and they won't lose any of their flavour or character.

Some ideas worth trying - what are you waiting for?
Celebrate the flavours of Provence by serving cherry tomatoes stuffed with dry cured ham, olives and basil, or skewers of dried sausage with fig wedges.

Tempt your guests with a chilled cucumber-mint soup with bacon bits, or open face sandwiches on hearty country bread that highlight a good terrine, some mesclun and a few grapes.

Picnics are also a perfect opportunity to get your kids involved. The younger family members can help by making delicious ham and cream cheese roll ups, or a salad of pasta shells, diced cheese, zucchini and carrot.

Why not also try a salad that subtly blends the flavour of cold ratatouille with rounds of cooked fresh sausage, or slices of country bread topped with apple rounds and slices of dried sausage.

Some other treats to include: rillettes served on endive leaves, a mixed salad of fresh vegetables and cubed cooked ham… the list is endless, with something for every taste!

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