It's a matter of taste when it comes to picnics…
It's a matter of taste when it comes to picnics…

The Art of the Picnic
It's a matter of taste when it comes to picnics…


Everyone has a different idea of what a picnic should include, but one thing never changes: picnics stir up memories of childhood and remind us of the delights of the open air.

The sporty picnic
After a long hike, the sporty picknicker likes a high-calorie break in order to refuel for the next trek with, for example, a rice and pea salad, raisins and cooked ham;

Or a "knackivore": two Frankfurters, a small tomato, two lettuce leaves and a few shavings of hard cheese, all stuffed into a mini-baguette to be enjoyed along a creek.

The trendy picnic
The fashionable set like to organize get-togethers with friends in parks and gardens. They enjoy surprising and delighting the group with stylish decorations and new gourmet pairings. Like stage designers, they organize their picnics around a certain theme - a world tour, a white party - for people who share a love of conviviality, a sense of freedom and a taste for adventure.

The family picnic
There are a few essentials to ensure everyone has a good time: practical preparation, easy storage, and dishes and foods for every taste. Pâté sandwiches, individually wrapped in foil, are perfect for active children, while parents can indulge their whims: perhaps a club sandwich with tomato, bacon, soft cheese, mustard and basil… or one with tomato, ham and green olive tapenade. Once the food has been polished off, everyone's free to spend the afternoon as they like: laze under a shady tree with a good book, head off for a swim, or maybe enjoy an impromptu ball or frisbee game on the grass.

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