The Art of the Picnic
The Art of the Picnic

The date's been set for several days.
The weather's looking good for tomorrow:
no rain or thunderstorms on the horizon!
Whether it's alongside a river, on the seashore,
in the mountains or in a park, a picnic is always a delight!

No one can resist the allure of green spaces, lazing under a tree, listening to the sounds of nature and just enjoying the moment! Long live picnics and the warm days of summer!

Picnicking is an art, a part of living well…
and this art has a history!

Our ancestors had picnics in ancient times…
Even in the days of the ancient Greeks, it was very popular to have lunches in the countryside to which people would bring their own food. The shepherds of the era would share their bread with each other during their break in the heat of the day.

In the Middle Ages
French aristocrats would leave their châteaux accompanied by their valets and footmen to take their meals on the grass.

Over the centuries…
The word "picnic" entered the English language in the 18th century, borrowed from the French pique-nique.


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