A champion in weight reduction
A champion in weight reduction

 All about pineapple > Fights cellulite and excess pounds

Pineapple contains bromelin, an enzyme that in a few minutes can digest 1,000 times its own weight in protein.

Some weight-loss cures are centered solely on pineapple, based on the theory that if pineapple has no other companion in the digestive system, it will turn to our reserves and destroy excess fat. Though this diet sounds great in theory, unfortunately our bodies are not equipped to accept such a drastic regimen. Though it is effective against fat, pineapple can also irritate and upset the system. So, we are offering two suggestions:

Energy Method
regimen for two days, no more. Replace your three meals a day with fresh pineapple, based on 1 kg divided into three meals. If you wish to repeat the process, wait two weeks.

More moderate maintenance and treatment method
Are you planning a big, rich meal? Offset its devastating effects to your waistline with pineapple. Have:

  • fresh pineapple juice before the meal
  • or a pineapple sorbet during the meal
  • or pineaple chunks in your salad or sauce
  • or slices of pineapple as part of dessert
It's simple but both effective and delicious.
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