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Pork is cut up into four main parts:

The most tender and highly-prized section is the loin: roasts, tenderloin, medallions, chops, rack.

Be careful when choosing chops! There are rib end, center cut loin, sirloin chops… Opt for meaty cuts from the sirloin. The ones cut from the ribs contain a bone and are good for the barbecue. Avoid any that are too thin. Chops at least 2 cm thick are best, either regular or butterflied.

Cubes, ground pork, slices and roasts

Aside from ground pork, these are braising cuts, suitable for long simmering in a liquid (water, broth, beer, wine) with vegetables and aromatics.

Choose extra-lean or lean ground pork for burgers. Regular (medium) is the best choice for stuffings and meat pies.

Cutlets, strips, roasts, steaks, hocks, cubes for kebabs.

Roasts are generally rolled. They come from the inside or outside round and the sirloin tip.

These are less tender cuts (though often more flavorful) that benefit from being marinated.

Bacon, as well as side ribs, are cut from the belly.

Lard is found just under the skin, soft and flavorful. It’s a treat that merits a little detour from your diet!

Say goodbye to well-done pork: it was fine in our grandmothers’ day, but production methods and veterinary practice have evolved so that we no longer have to "massacre" such tender meat… with the exception of ground pork.

Hint: You can cook your loin roast at 100° C (200° F). The cooking time will be longer but the shrinkage will be less.

Use the same method as for other meats: sear on all sides in a skillet, not forgetting the ends. Place into a hot roasting pan and transfer to a preheated 160-180° C (325-350° F) oven. The internal temperature of the meat should reach 70° C (140° F). At that point, the cooking juices turn clear. It’s important to let the meat rest for 10 to 15 minutes before cutting it. Some left-over cold roast pork? Slice it thinly and enjoy it on whole grain bread with a dab of hot mustard.


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