Cultivation and varieties
Cultivation and varieties

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Family: Solanaceae

Although white, yellow or red-skinned varieties are the ones best known in America and Europe, there are also varieties with yellow, pink or bluish flesh.

this perennial plant, grown as an annual, includes an above-ground section measuring up to a metre in height, with oblong leaves. As with every tuber, the essential takes place underground. The potatoes are covered with a skin and have little "eyes" on the surface from which new buds emerge.

There are two harvests: new potatoes, collected at the end of winter or early spring and mature potatoes, collected in the fall when the plant turns yellow after flowering

A few varieties
Cultivation and varieties 1
Cultivation and varieties 2


  • yellow skin, dark yellow flesh
  • available from July to March
  • excellent for frying, mashing, sautéing
Cultivation and varieties 3


  • white flesh, round
  • available throughout the year
  • hint of toasted almond flavour
  • unsurpassed for French fries
  • avoid for mashing (bland); steaming (mealy)
Cultivation and varieties 4

Idaho or Russet

  • white flesh
  • very long but plump
  • unequalled as baking potatoes
Cultivation and varieties 5


  • A French heirloom with a delicate nutty taste - rather like chestnuts.
  • Cook in their skins and eat either hot or cold - absolutely delicious.
  • Uses: Salad
Cultivation and varieties 6


  • dark red skin, yellow pink-veined flesh
  • slightly sweet taste
  • available: September to April
  • excellent for baking, steaming
  • avoid using for mashing (gluey)
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