No! Potato won't make you fat!
No! Potato won't make you fat!

All about potato > No! Potato won't make you fat!

The poor potato has been a victim of false accusations. It's been condemned by diet advocates without a hearing, assumed to be stodgy because of its starch content, while in fact it's a simple vegetable. That's why we're standing up for it today, with the defense that the versatile, economical and always-available potato is a healthful ally that should take back its place in a balanced diet.

Did you know?

The potato contains more fiber than a bowl of porridge and as much vitamin C as three small peaches.

A medium potato represents two portions of vegetables.

A medium baked potato, with the skin,

  • has fewer calories than a bowl of white rice.
  • As much protein as a half glass of milk (125 ml).
  • No cholesterol.
  • More iron than 250 ml of fresh spinach.
  • Twice as much potassium as a banana and as much as 4-5 pears.
  • At least twice the vitamin C of an apple with its skin.

> Potatoes are the ideal vegetable for athletes.

Like pasta, potatoes are a source of complex carbohydrates and reduce hypoglycemia during exertion. Thus, they provide energy throughout physical activity. Ideally, 400 g of potatoes at the final meal before a competition provides the necessary energy and prevents hypoglycemia.

> Potatoes are a diet food that have a place in a weight-loss program.

According to American researchers, when not fried and prepared without cream, a medium potato contains only 85 calories and provides many vitamins, trace elements and anti-oxidants. In fact, it's the way it's prepared that has damaged its reputation. It's like a sponge when dropped in oil. And the smaller it's cut, the greater the oil absorption. That's why you end up with 275 calories for French fries (with 15% fat) and 520 calories for chips (35% fat). It cuts hunger pangs, particularly if you eat it at lunch time. You'll also avoid the mid-afternoon slump and turning to a chocolate bar.

However, you have to know how to cook it properly. There are many ways of cooking potatoes, not just boiled, steamed or in packets. They can be prepared mashed, in salads, and so on. Try yogurt or non-fat sour cream and add some fresh herbs (dill, tarragon, curry, etc.) That way, you'll enjoy all the nutritional benefits. So don't hesitate! Have some protein. Have some vitamins. Have some fiber. November is potato month and the perfect time to enjoy them.

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