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Cooking poultry with Georges Blanc
Cooking poultry with Georges Blanc
Georges Blanc, restaurant Georges Blanc, France
Georges Blanc, restaurant Georges Blanc, France

Hints and tips with Georges Blanc

As with the pig, every part of poultry is good: the breasts, legs, wings, liver… There are countless methods of preparing these products.

I always cook poultry on the bone. It’s especially appropriate when cooking a large product like a capon or a late-season roasting chicken. The first tip: you always have to cook the breast less than the leg. You’ve no doubt noticed it many times: when you roast a chicken, if you want the legs cooked, the breast tends to be a bit dry.

White and dark – 2 cooking times
Half-way through the cooking time of a whole bird, remove the legs. Take out the central section that holds the breasts and set it aside at a good temperature so that it can rest while you continue cooking the legs in the pan. You’ll end up with tender juicy white meat that won’t have had the time to dry out. Simple – but did you ever consider it?

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