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The crisp, salty, fleshy tender stalks of young samphire, gathered in May or June, can be eaten raw, plain or with a vinaigrette, alone or in a salad with other ingredients.

As the season progresses samphire becomes a bit bitter and it is better to blanch it. Just a few minutes in boiling water will remove its bitterness and excess salt.


 Sometimes called "poor man's asparagus," it is delicious when boiled and served on its own or sautéed in a pan with butter, garlic and parsley as an accompaniment to fish, red or white meats or poultry.

It's also delicious made into soup with twice its weight in half-cooked potato, a little butter and pepper.


Pickled samphire is excellent with cold fish and meats, charcuterie or raclette. It can also be used to flavor mustard, mayonnaise or vinegar.

Try samphire with shrimp in tempura (photo above)


Photo : ID : 60174160 / Antonio Truzzi / MSCOMM

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