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Colour is not a good criterion for choosing smoked salmon, since it varies according to the method of smoking. However, the flesh should have a moist or oily appearance, with some shine over its entire surface. Avoid any with dried, discoloured or darkened edges.


It keeps for several weeks when kept uncut in the refrigerator: slice off only what is needed.


Freeze for 15 minutes for easier cutting


Use salmon with a very smoky taste in a mousse or other recipe in which it is "cut" with other ingredients: this will impart character to it, while reducing your cost: e.g., canapés, stuffed tomatoes.

Use milder smoked salmon in more subtly-flavoured preparations. Never boil or cook smoked salmon. Add it at the last minute if the dish is hot.


"Mille-feuille" of scrambled eggs with smoked salmon - served between layers of puff pastry. 

Marinated raw salmon "roulades" with smoked salmon mousse - prepare like sushi: to make the mousse, whip together the smoked salmon with some cream cheese, a little cream and chives or dill.

Two salmon terrine - use smoked salmon to wrap a terrine of fresh salmon.

Serve smoked salmon with stiffly beaten cream flavoured with green peppercorns and lime.

Spaghetti with smoked salmon and sundried tomatoes - prepare an Alfredo sauce; just before serving garnish with strips of smoked salmon and sundried tomatoes sautéed in oïl.


Photo: Artichoke mousse and smoked salmon terrine

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