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Buying, storing strawberries with Alain Passard
Buying, storing strawberries with Alain Passard
Alain Passard, L'Arpège, Paris
Alain Passard, L'Arpège, Paris

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When buying strawberries
There's really only one sure way to know if their flavour is good: by tasting them. They should be sweet and jammy, with an intense flavour that lingers on the palate. The star-shaped stem end is an indicator of how recently the berries have been picked: when fresh, the branches of the cap will be pointy and a nice healthy green.

I don't let allow myself to be seduced by overly-brilliant colours, perfectly uniform shapes and fancy packaging.

Some hints for caring for strawberries
I prefer running them under a drizzle of water rather than immersing them in a bowl of water, which will alter their flavour. Don't hull them or they'll lose their moisture. Don't use cloth or paper towels - they often draw out too much liquid and may also impart a taste to the fruit. Finally, don't serve strawberries too cold - it will mask their flavour.

My 8 express recipes

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  • Warm strawberries with caramel and salted butter
  • Strawberry jam with fresh lemon verbena
  • Strawberry salad with lemon balm and basil
  • Strawberries and dragées with pepper
  • Warm strawberries with berlingot sugar
  • Strawberry and passion fruit coulis with grenadine
  • Strawberry and hibiscus sorbet
  • Warm strawberries with fresh ginger and coconut
  • And more...


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