Tomato in every form: canned, paste, dried...
Tomato in every form: canned, paste, dried...

All about tomato > Tomatoes in Every Form

Canned Tomatoes
Can be bought whole, peeled and seeded, or diced; they are excellent for making a quick meal, for soups or simmered dishes

Tomato Paste
Tomato paste is used to thicken a sauce and accentuate its tomato flavour

Tomato Coulis
Simply put peeled, seeded tomatoes in a food processor and liquefy; season and in just a few seconds you have a wonderful cold sauce

Tomato Concentrate (in a tube)
Concentrate is excellent for flavouring a mayonnaise; the mixture is called a Marie-Rose, especially if you add a little spoonful of cognac. Serve it with shrimp cocktail, shellfish salad, meat fondues, etc.

Sundried Tomatoes
Have a incomparable flavour and can be bought either in oil or vacuum-packed. In the latter case, you need only to soak them for about 20 minutes in boiling water (off the heat) to soften them.

They can be added to many recipes, as is, or sautéed in oil. Try the Fettucine with Smoked Salmon and Sundried Tomatoes (the recipe can be found in the index): a lovely and unusual introduction to sundried tomatoes.


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