Medicinal Properties
Medicinal Properties

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Antibiotic (leaves)
Among the Incas of South America and certain tribes of Papua New Guinea, the fresh leaf of the tomato plant, pulverized with a little water, is used as a poultice, applied to an infected area and wrapped with gauze or a strip of cloth. Usually an infected minor wound will heal within 24 to 72 hours.

Anti-fatigue (plain)
Fresh tomato or freshly extracted tomato juice speeds up the production of sugar in the blood and provides natural energy renewal.

Excellent for liver health (plain)
Tomatoes contain trace amounts of anti-toxic elements called chlorine and sulfur. Chlorine helps the body filter out waste while sulfur protects the liver against certain obstructions.

Tomatoes are excellent for counteracting the negative effects of an overly-rich diet by helping the liver break down fats and eliminate them more easily.

Reduces hypertension (plain or juice)
Since tomatoes are rich in potassium, clinical studies have shown that they have a positive effect on the kidneys; in many cases, good renal functioning can reduce high blood pressure. Did you know that a large tomato (400 g) contains about 450 mg of potassium? Liquefy two tomatoes in a food processor with a spoonful of fresh lemon juice, a pinch of tarragon, basil and paprika and take this tonic, which will stimulate your kidneys within the day. Have only one glass a day. You can repeat the process for 2 or 3 days, no longer. Otherwise consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Eases sunburn (plain)
A miracle cure: a slice of tomato placed on a sunburn for 15 minutes takes away the burning feeling and prevents the skin from peeling or blistering.


N.B. MSComm has gathered this information from preventative and natural medicine and from the popular traditions of various countries for your information and enjoyment, but MSComm declines all responsibility as to its use and does not intend that it be used as a substitute for conventional medicine.

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