Varieties and uses
Varieties and uses

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Each kind of tomato is suited to a particular preparation. Draped in red or pink, yellow or green, tomatoes offer a wide and tempting range of varieties to suit your every whim:

Using Tomatoes According to their Qualities

    Red and juicy
    excellent on their own

    Pale and floury
    use in soups or sauces with spices to enhance the flavour

    Yellow tomatoes
    yellow tomatoes are slightly sweet and can cut the acidity of certain recipes

    use to make: coulis, ketchup, gazpacho, cream of tomato soup, tomato sorbet, etc.


Varieties and uses 1

Large tomatoes are most appropriate for stuffing and barbecuing

* plain, with salt
* sandwiches
* hollowed-out for serving a dip
* tomato salad with a light dressing

Smaller ones are good in gazpachos, sauces or as a side vegetables

* Serve plain, sliced or in wedges, sprinkled with vinaigrette
* ideal for using in salads


* Eat them plain as a snack
* good size for standard sized brochettes or kebabs

Vine Tomato
Varieties and uses 2


Cherry Tomatoes
Varieties and uses 3

Halved cherry tomatoes can be a novel ingredient in a fruit salad.

* As an hors-d'oeuvre with a dip
* hollowed out and stuffed as an amuse-gueule
* mini-kebabs
* garnish

Varieties and uses 4

bright red with pulpy, juicy flesh and a firm texture
For stuffing, barbecuing and sandwiches

Plum or Roma Tomato
Varieties and uses 5

elongated shape, with a thicker skin, more flesh and fewer seeds; very mild taste
Italian tomatoes are good for grilling, gratins or simmered dishes

Grape tomato
Varieties and uses 6

Size and shape of an olive
grape tomatoes which are a more recent introduction are smaller and oblong used in salads

Green Zebra
Varieties and uses 7

with its fine golden stripes and sweet pulp

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