Veal for Pentecost
Veal for Pentecost
Veal for Pentecost
Spring - the perfect time for veal! In many countries, veal is a festive dish associated with Pentecost, a Christian feast observed 50 days after Easter. It's a pairing that is both symbolic and religious, and one that long ago gave rise to culinary traditions that have survived to this day.

Nowadays, of course, veal is available throughout the year. Veal for Pentecost comes from calves born the previous winter, while calves born in the spring don't show up in butcher shops until summer or for the year-end holidays.

This tender and delicately-flavoured meat lends itself to so many diverse preparation methods that over the centuries it has become an important part of France's gastronomic canon, in succulent recipes with prestigious names such as roast veal Prince Orloff, veal Marengo, escalope à la Normande…

But veal is also perfectly-suited to our busy modern lifestyle. Veal escalopes and chops are so easy to cook that you'll be inspired to give them a little extra flair, especially since veal's mild flavour pairs wonderfully with a whole range of sauces and sides.

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