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From the market to your plate

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It is difficult to find a fresh yuzu but bottled yuzu juice is becoming increasingly available, with more and more supermarket chains stocking this ingredient.


Fresh - like any citrus.

Yuzu juice - Once opened, the bottled juices generally need to be consumed within four weeks.


Yuzu is one of the few citrus in the world that is able to maintain it’s tart/sourness at high cooking tempĂ©ratures.

Yuzu juice has a very strong flavour. It's even more intense than lemon or lime juice, so when used in drinks, a little goes a very long way. Add a drop to cocktails — using it more like a bitter than a conventional fruit juice.

It's common to use yuzu in seafood seasoning, again used in similar situations to lemon or lime, but in smaller quantities. Just a single drop of yuzu juice might, for example, be used to dress an opened oyster, it could be incorporated it into a ceviche marinade, or added to a mayonnaise. Also experiment mixing yuzu into savoury dressings and marinades along with soy, oil and garlic.

Yuzu also has infinite applications in sweet recipes, where it is best used like an essence, or orange blossom water. Use a few drops to flavour custards, jellies, ices and meringues.

Flavors of Japan

Yuzu is a integral part to Japanese Ponzu sauce as well as yuzu-kosho, a spicy chili-salt laden with yuzu zest.

It smells so good the Japaneses use yuzu for perfumes and ritualistically bath in yuzu during Toji (winter solstice).

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