Beaujolais wines - Beaujolais nouveau
Beaujolais wines - Beaujolais nouveau

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According to French law, at 12:01 a.m. on the third Thursday of November, the brand-new wines of the vintage are released to the world. This is a wine that draws people together in an explosion of colour, to share in lip-smacking celebration as the grey winter months are setting in.

But without passion and ancestral skill handed down over the generations, the magic of wine could not exist. The soul and talent of the winemaker have been the driving force behind the success of this creation for nigh on 60 years.


The Beaujolais vinegrowing region is one of the only ones in France where the red wine is made using whole bunches of grapes. To craft Beaujolais Nouveau, the clusters of Gamay are handpicked and placed whole in the vinification vats. Every stage of fermentation is then thought through and decided upon according to the qualities that nature has imparted on the year's crop.

Gamay isn’t a grape to keep you waiting. When vinified using the Beaujolais method, it quickly frees a plethora of fragrant aromas and flavours. From its very first hours in the vat, Beaujolais Nouveau dons a cherry-hued robe and breathes out a fruity bouquet. The winemaker carefully watches over the transformation of the grapes to wine, which will only show its true nature to the taste buds after a few weeks’ patience.

How to party?

When it's shivery cold outside, this wine for simple pleasures, this wine to discover, this wine that makes friends with every palate, becomes the perfect partner to lovingly prepared home cooking.

Tell your friends to save the date of November 18th for Beaujolais Nouveau Day party.

Get plenty of Beaujolais Nouveau — and make sure to chill it before the party.

Stock up on plenty of cured meats, fancy cheeses and artisanal bread or make it easy and go for burgers and hot dogs — Beaujolais Nouveau is versatile and goes great with any kind of food (even cupcakes)!

Tell everyone to come dressed in their most vibrant and colorful clothes, keep the music blasting and the wine flowing — Beaujolais Nouveau Day only comes once a year!

Save the leftovers for your Thanksgiving dinner with your family and make them happy!

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