Bergerac Wines
Bergerac Wines

Flavors of Aquitaine

Heir to a prestigious past and 2000 years of wine tradition, the Bergerac vineyards offer an exceptional variety of wines and flavours.

Located on both banks of the Dordogne, the vineyards encompass, over 93 villages, more than 12000 hectares, which produce 13 AOCs :

  • Bergerac (Bergerac sec, Bergerac rosé, Bergerac rouge)
  • Côtes de Bergerac (Côtes de Bergerac blanc and Côtes de Bergerac rouge)
  • Monbazillac
  • Montravel (Montravel, Côtes de Montravel, Haut-Montravel, Montravel rouge)
  • Pécharmant
  • Rosette
  • Saussignac.

These appellations include red, rosé, and a range of white - dry, mellow or very sweet - in this legendary vineyard of Bergerac.

Bergerac Wines

Red wines
Bergerac wines are fine wines, soft in the mouth and rather fruity with flavours of strawberries, blackcurrant and other red fruit. Easy to drink, these wines can be enjoyed young (2 to 3 years old).
With their intense dark colours, the Côtes de Bergerac wines come from the best selections of every wine grower. They are often matured in barrels. Structured and complex they release aromas of red fruit (plums). Rich in alcohol and tannin they have a wonderful ability to age; reaching their full potential at approximately after 5 or 6 years, they can still last another 5 to 10 years depending on the vintages.
The production of rosé wines is recent. Their delicate salmon-pink colour combined with a certain crisp quality often sets them apart. They make an ideal choice for summer dishes.
White wines
The increasing share of the Sauvignon grape in the vineyard has helped a new generation of dry Bergerac wines to thrive. Generally low in colour yet brilliant, these wines are fresh, with a pleasant bouquet and a vigorous attack leading onto a good finish in the mouth. Best drunk young, they work a treat as an aperitif, with fish or seafood. Made dominantly from the Semillon grape, mellow Bergerac wines are remarkably fresh and rounded. They can be drunk young but will develop beautifully with age. Enjoy as an aperitif, with fish in sauce, salads and blue cheeses such as Bleu des Causses, or with dessert.

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