Flavors of Italy

Pristine landscapes, pure and bracing air, authentic traditions, and genuine culture: the region of Alto Adige/ Südtirol has always suggested a world where nature and man live in perfect harmony, stimulating the creation and production of irresistible specialties. Speck is the undisputed ambassador of this magical land. Thanks to its pristine location, the flavor of PGI Speck Alto Adige is milder and more delicate and balanced than Northern European smoked hams and, at the same time, more pronounced than cured Mediterranean hams.

Speck is a pork product made from a boned ham that is moderately salted and seasoned (the mixture consists basically of rock salt, sea salt, pickling salt, pepper, juniper berries, various herbs and a hint of allspice), cold-smoked and then well aged according to local practices and traditions. The individual pieces of speck are stacked carefully for maturing in aging cellars for 22 weeks, where the product looses about 40% of its weight in the slow drying process. This maturing is important for the bacon to become truly tender.


Unlike American bacon, this type of bacon does not require any additional cooking - simply bring it to room temperature and slice it.

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