Curé Quertier de l'Isle
Curé Quertier de l'Isle

Flavors of Côte-du-Sud (Bas Saint-Laurent / Chaudière-Appalachians)

Supple and tasty, this semi-soft cheese offers beautiful contrasts in texture and in colour. The slightly sandy rind shows warm orangey hues covering a melt-in-your-mouth perfectly salted yellow paste with delicious notes of butter and roasted almond.

Curé Quertier de l'Isle 1

Curé (Father) Quertier comes from the name of the first priest to reside on the island of Isle-aux-Grues. He lived in the sacristy of the church as they had no presbytery.

The hallmark shows the church steeple.


Thermalized cow milk

Washed rind, semi-soft paste

Buttery, fruity

Wine pairing
Aromatic & flavourful

60 days

Nutritional values per 30 g

Calories 100
Proteins : 6 g
Carbs : 1 g
- Fibers : 0 g
- Sugars : 0 g

Minerals & oligo-elements
Sodium : 160 ng
Potassium : 20 mg
Calcium : 175 mg
Iron : 0 mg

Fat & Fatty acids
Fat : 8 g
- Saturated fat : 6 g
- Trans fat : 0,2 g
Cholesterol : 30 mg

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