Haut-Marais de l'Isle
Haut-Marais de l'Isle

Flavors of Côte-du-Sud (Bas Saint-Laurent / Chaudière-Appalachians)

This firm cheese is an homage to the island agriculture of Isle-aux-Grues. The slightly milky scent with sulfur notes immediately brings to mind the hay of this wild wet plain connecting Isle-aux-Grues to Ile-aux-Oyes, known as the Haut Marais or high marsh. For more than 400 years, the island's residents have lived in a close connection with the high marsh. This cheese has a lot of character and is a unique concentration of the best the island has to offer. 

Never has a firm cheese had such a good buttery flavor. Its texture is supple and soft with a long-lasting flavor. A double treat!

Haut-Marais de l'Isle 1

The name Haut-Marais refers to the typical environment of the island where the long grasses grow in the tideland between Isle-aux-Grues and Isle-aux-Oyes. In the past, this hay was used to feed the animals.


Firm curd cheese

Medium to strong, depending on age

Unpasteurized milk, bacterial culture, salt, rennet, calcium chloride

Thermalized cow milk

Firm paste

Firm and smooth pale yellow paste that melts in the mouth.

The orangey rind exudes lactic notes.

Main aromas
When younger, the main flavor is cream. As the cheese ages, it develops fruity and nutty flavours.

Nutritional values per 3 cm cube (30 g)

Calories : 120
Proteins : 7 g
Carbs : 2 g
- Fibers : 0 g
- Sugars : 0 g

Minerals & oligo-elements
Sodium : 150 ng
Potassium : 20 mg
Calcium : 17%
Iron : 0 mg

Fat & Fatty acids
Fat : 10 g
- Saturated fat : 2 g
- Trans fat : 0,2 g
Cholesterol : 35 mg

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