Le Houblonneux de l'Isle
Le Houblonneux de l'Isle

Flavors of Côte-du-Sud (Bas Saint-Laurent / Chaudière-Appalachians)

This firm, washed rind cheese has a smooth, dark straw yellow rind with a firm texture. It is washed with L’Étoffe du Pays, a local "keeping" beer which gives it a pleasing, mildly herbaceous and yeasty flavor.

Even non-beer drinkers will be tempted by its unique mild taste. 

Why the name?
Le Houblonneux de l'Isle 1

It's completely appropriate to name this cheese "Le Houblonneux" (hoppy) since it's soaked and washed with local Étoffe du Pays ale from the artisanal Côte-du-Sud de Montmagny et les îles microbrewery.

This strong beer (9% alcohol) with notes of plums, raisins and dried fruit, imparts its amber nuances to the rind, creating an irresitible cheese. 

Descriptive file

Firm surface-ripened washed-rind cheese

Mild to medium

Unpasteurized milk, bacterial culture, salt, rennet, calcium chloride, beer

Unpasteurized cow's milk

Firm paste

Firm, smooth, slightly acidulous yellow curd.

Smooth, amber yellow washed rind.

Main aromas
Beer, fruity and yeasty.

Pale ale beer

90 days

Nutritional values per 30 g

Calories : 120
Proteins : 7 g
Carbs : 2 g
- Dietary fibers : 0 g
- Sugars : 0 g

Minerals & oligo-elements
Sodium : 150 ng
Potassium : 20 mg
Calcium : 225 mg
Iron : 0 mg

Fat & Fatty acids
Fat : 10 g
- Saturated fat : 7 g
- Trans fat : 0,2 g
Cholesterol : 35 mg

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