Mont d'Or
Mont d'Or

Vacherin Mont d'Or cheese originates in the Joux valley in the Swiss canton of Vaud. As the milk supply lessens at the end of the season, they begin making vacherins. The name Mont d'Or or Vacherin Mont d'Or became well-known in the 19th century. A tradition shared between France and Switzerland, the production is seasonal, from August 15 to March 31. Since the curd is slightly runny and creamy, the cheese is encased in a product from the region: pine wood. Thus it has become inextricably linked to the pine box in which it is sold. Its flavor is characterized by woodsy resin flavors due to its container and is a delight to cheese lovers.

Made from whole cow's milk


  • Soft cheese with a washed rind; puckered
  • Soft rind with a shiny smooth yellow surface - the rind is thick due to a stage of washing in warm salt water to accelerate and sustain the formation of a soft rind and to bring out the flavors

Nutritional values per 100 g

  • Calcium: 150-575 mg
  • Calories: 260-350
  • Carbohydrates: 0
  • Lipids: 20-26 g
  • Fat: 45% or more

Ideal from November to May


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