Azeitão cheese
Azeitão cheese

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Azeitão is a Portuguese sheep cheese, originating from the region of Azeitão, a small town south of the Tage, about 40 km east of Lisbon in Setubal district who produce this runny soft cheese. It is a protected designation of origin according to European Union standards. It is produced in the municipalities of Setúbal, Palmela and Sesimbra.

Azeitão cheeses have a cylindrical shape, about 8 cm in diameter and 5 cm high. They have a thin yellowish soft shell. Its weight can vary between 100 and 300 g. They go through a 20-day healing period and are commonly sold wrapped in parchment paper. Its paste is soft, having an aroma and flavor that are somewhat similar to those of Serra cheese.

The rind is pale yellow and smooth and the curd creamy, with tiny holes. It is slightly strong in flavor.

In Alcacer do Sal (south of Azeitao) and in Vila Franca-de-Xira (in the northwest), cheeses of the same type are produced, generally named for their place of origin.

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