Flavors of Picardy


Cheese group:Soft, washed-rind cheeses

Rollot or Coeur (Coeur means heart in French) de Rollot is another symbolic cheese of Picardie. It is produced in the village at Rollot. Created by the Maroilles Abbey monks following the visit of Louis XIV to the village where he apparently feasted on the cheese and awarded Rollot the title of "royal cheese".



It is a creamery, semi-soft cheese made from cow's milk. The cheese has a distinct, salty flavor with a lingering bitterness. Rollot is usually produced in round or heart shapes and the period of maturing takes about four weeks.  The better season is from may to october.

Milk type: Cow's milk

Strength: Medium

Taste: Strong if it's refined

Fat content: 45%

Wine pairing

Sancerre, Saint-Emilion, Brown beer, bière de Péronne

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