La Tomme de Grosse Isle
La Tomme de Grosse Isle

Flavors of Côte-du-Sud (Bas Saint-Laurent / Chaudière-Appalachians)

This cheese is made from the milk of Brown Swiss cows raised on hay from the island’s tideland. This unpasteurized cheese has a perfect, uniform, semi-soft paste strewn with “eyes”. Its woodsy aroma and slightly acidic but fruity flavour will enchant your taste buds.

Named after...
La Tomme de Grosse Isle  1

The cheese dairy of Île-aux-Grues was inspired by the rich history of Grosse Île, one of the 21 islands that make up the Île-aux-Grues archipelago. It is a national historic site that commemorates the importance of Canadian immigration between the beginning of the 19th century and the First World War.

The green, orange and white on the label are a reference to the Irish flag.

Technical File

 Milk: Cow
Type: Brushed rind, semi-soft paste
Age : 3 to 4 months
Notes: Rustic, tangy milk
Fat: 30%
Humidity: 45%

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