Flavors of Italy

This shape is typical of the centre of Italy, in particular Rome and surrounding areas. Bucatini are the perfect combination between the long pasta cuts, of which they share the length, and the short pasta cuts, of which they share the central hole. As such, their shape and consistency is perfect to enhance all sauces.


Its relatively thick texture and shape makes it well suited to rich, thick sauces.

Bucatini is best paired with Amatriciana sauce: chopped tomatoes, cubed pancetta and pecorino, for a rustic and delicious dish.

Savoring Italian Style

Bucatini alla marchigiana 
Bucatini alla marchigiana is a recipe from Italy's Marche region and includes a sauce made with onion, celery, carrot, prosciutto, tomatoes and red wine.

Bucatini with Trapani-style pesto
A quick recipe. The pesto is made with almonds, tomatoes, garlic, pecorino and olive oil.



 Photo: ID 11547405 / Kia Cheng Boon / MSCOMM

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