Snow Taffy or Maple Taffy
Snow Taffy or Maple Taffy

Flavors of Quebec

The aboriginal people called this "wax sugar." Once again, it was the red squirrel who revealed this maple delight to man! When a maple branch breaks under the weight of ice, it creates a natural cut from which the sap escapes in the spring. The sap runs down to the base of the tree or drips onto the ground. Day after day the warm spring sun evaporates the water in the sap until eventually there's nothing left but a streak of maple taffy that the squirrels come to lick greedily.

Snow taffy is made simply by pouring boiling syrup onto the snow. It firms up into a soft toffee, which can be rolled around a wooden stick or spoon and eaten. What a treat!



Snow Taffy or Maple Taffy 1
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