Cuisine of Lazio

Rigatoni is a tube-shaped pasta which was first created in Rome. Rigatoni pairs well with everything from hearty meat sauces to refined vegetable sauces.


Ensure that the pasta has well-defined deep grooves so that it will hold the sauce.


Cook rigatoni in a large amount of boiling salted water; drain when al dente, then add to the sauce in a skillet and cook over high heat for a few moments. 


Traditionally paired with rich ragù sauces (meat-based sauces, such as bolognese), rigatoni with their thick consistency enhance both refined sauces and simple tomato sauces. Because of their large diameter and ridges, they will also hold vegetable sauces. They're also ideal for more elaborate preparations, such as classic baked pasta (pasta al forno) and cream sauces.  

There are countless possibilities, but Barilla offers you two regional suggestions:

- rigatoni with peppers, eggplants, zucchini, cherry tomatoes and pecorino (a typical central and southern Italian sheep's milk cheese);

- rigatoni with bolognese sauce, made with ground meat and tomato and enriched with mushrooms. 


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