Tarragon vinegar
Tarragon vinegar

General information 

This is a vinegar with personality, flavored with the little green leaves and tender yellow flowers of Artemisa dranunculus. It was the Arabs, avid tarragon lovers, who brought it to the Iberian peninsula where the Spanish first used it in vinegar.

This vinegar has a lightly anise-like herbaceous flavor with sweet and spicy overtones and a note of fennel. It is both rustic and refined.


  • it adds the finishing touch to soups, particularly tomato-based ones, as in this delicious wild gazpacho
  • enlivens devilled eggs 
  • a perfect companion for asparagus, crab and chicken dishes 
  • essential for tartar sauce, béarnaise and green sauce if you don't have fresh tarragon 
  • adds flavor to pickles and canned tomatoes 
  • pairs well with herbed fresh cheeses. 


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