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Genypterus blacodes - pink kingklip /  Genypterus capensis - Cape kingklip

French: abadèche
German: Kingklip
Spanish: Rosada del Cabo, Congrio Dorado
Russian: Kingkleep
Japanese: Kingukuripu



There are four commercially available varieties of the kingklip; red, golden, black, and south. All four varieties are similarly shaped, and on the outside differ mainly in the color of their skin. Unlike most eels which are round in cross-section, however, the Kingklip is moderately compressed. This soft-bodied fish is rather slimy to the touch.

Kingklip inhabit a depth range of 20 to 800 meters, being mainly found in waters between 300 m to 500 m off the coast. They are found in Chili, the southwest Pacific waters of New Zealand and temperate Australia. They inhabit a variety of substrates from rocky ground to soft sand and mud, in which they burrow. It is available year round.

Oven-Roasted Kingklip on Chorizo Risotto
Frank Zlomke, Grande Roche, Afrique du Sud

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