Osetra Caviar
Osetra Caviar

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The smaller, even eggs are brown, sometimes tending towards gold, with a fruity nutty flavor and a firmer "shell" than that of Beluga, providing a more distinct texture in the mouth. The sub-category Karaburun (Imperial) has almost the same characteristics with a color that varies from yellowish-brown to golden. The color can vary considerably. The individual eggs are firmer than Beluga. Five to twenty kilograms are collected from each female. 

Origin: Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan

Color of the caviar: a wide spectrum, from dark green to gold and amber and all shades of dark brown. 

Appearance: shiny, translucent medium-sized (3 mm) eggs of a solid color. 

Odor: typical fresh briny caviar scent; slightly buttery, intense and pleasant. 

Texture: soft, unctuous and slightly fatty; the individual grains are distinct and roll on the palate. 

Flavor: delicate, lightly salted, mild, pleasant, long-lasting fish notes, nutty, slightly buttery flavor, with no bitterness, acidity or metallic flavors. .



Collaboration : Petrossian

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