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There is some controversy regarding the history of Chasselas, but it can be supposed that this variety is among the oldest grown by man. 

Switzerland, Savoy, Alsace, Nièvre and Bade in Germany are about the only regions of the world to use it in winemaking. Fairly neutral, it is particularly sensitive to the conditions in which it grows and therefore can vary widely from one region to another.

It is recognizable by its coppery growth in spring, its indented leaves, long tendrils and its attractive translucent bunches that are golden in the sun, with small round grapes.

Chasselas contains flavors of flowers mixed with honey.

Table grapes
Delicate, golden and juicy, Chasselas doesn't like to be cooked. It is a good choice with salads, cheese, charcuterie or melon. It can be added to a chive cream sauce just before serving.


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