Finger limes
Finger limes

Flavors of Australia

Do you need a refreshing break? Finger limes, brown in color and the size of a large lemon, offer numerous surprises.

A product of Australia's tropical forests, the finger lime has long been consumed by Aborigines.

The juice, enclosed in little capsules within the flesh, looking almost like caviar, provides a burst of sensations. The flavor is aromatic and sour, but with floral notes.


Its rarity contributes to the air of mystery, and perhaps notoriety, that surrounds it.

In Australia, it is used to make marmalade and pickles. The zest can be dried and used as a spice.

Adopted by a number of great chefs, such as Olivier Roellinger in Cancale, it can be used in countless ways: cocktails, seafood, cupcakes - let your imagination guide you! 

On a 2007 menu, Olivier offered a first course of three flat oysters: plain, with nutmeg and with Chiloé pepper, accompanied by a little finger lime.

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