From the Chinese

The fruit of a tree related to the mandarin, having small, narrow, pointed leaves, and grown for its small fruit

Grown in Africa, Asia, America as well as Brazil, the kumquat's flesh as well as its skin can be eaten. Its color ranges from orange to orangey-red. It is the smallest variety of the citrus family. Its flesh divides into 3 or 5 segments; it has little juice and contains large seeds for its size.

Nutritional values per 100 g
Calories: 60; carbohydrates: 16 g; fat: 0.0 g; protein: 0.1 g; rich in vitamin C and fiber

Buying kumquats
The fruit should give when pressed gently. Avoid any with too many black marks.
Look for plump fruit with shiny skins.

Keep at room temperature, away from sunlight, to ripen the fruit
Place in the crisper of the refrigerator to stop the ripening process

Cooking tips

  • Macerated in rum
  • Excellent for mousses, sorbets and jams
  • Hints - sprinkle with lemon juice to prevent blackening if you use them in salad
  • If you eat it raw, cut in half and press each half in your hand to combine the kumquat's two textures
  • Kumquat and mango jam, flavoured with Rivesaltes muscat
  • Grand Marnier soufflé, kumquat coulis and white chocolate shavings
  • Spread a slice of gingerbread with kumquat purée to accompany foie gras
  • Grilled duck breast with turnip and kumquats, with a sweet lime leaf sauce

Candied kumquats - Cover 20 kumquats with water; blanch; drain; dissolve 70 g of sugar in twice as much water; place the kumquats in the syrup; let them sit for three days, kept submerged by a plate with a weight on top. Drain the fruit; make another syrup and repeat the process; let soak for 24 hours; repeat a third time; allow to dry for half a day and wrap in parchment paper. Use to garnish cakes and pastries, to stuff dates, etc.

Sauce for noix of venison - Sweat a shallot; add some white wine and kumquat flesh, game or veal stock, and a pinch of "quatre-épices"; let simmer and mix in the blender

China - eaten candied

India - in chutneys

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