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Other Names

Nephelium longana / Euphoria Longana

or Ackee

French: longane
Thailand: Lamyai
Vietnam: Nhan


General Information

Origin: southern China
Etymology: Vietnamese long nhan, meaning “dragon’s eye”  

Sapindaceae family, like the magnolia.
This lovely tree is symmetrical, with dark, dense evergreen foliage, and can reach 42 to 54’ in height

Longan is a typically Vietnamese fruit, and has been grown in that country for over 2,000 years. A bunch of longans consists of about 30 little spherical or ovoid fruits, 1-2” in diameter, surrounded by a pericarp or thin hard shell which ranges in color from orangey-red to dark amber. The flesh of the fruit is hidden inside; it is translucent and gelatinous, sweet and juicy. It contains a largish, dark brown shiny seed which is easily removed, and which is NOT edible.

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