Wine grapes: Muscat

White Muscat grapes are an ancient variety, probably originating in Greece. They are very sensitive and quite difficult to grow. 

Muscat makes an excellent apéritif wine, a delicious choice for parties. In the spring, enjoy it with asparagus! We suggest drinking it young (within 2 years) to best enjoy its flavors. 

Table grape
The crisp juicy muscat grape can stand up to quick brisk cooking. It is good with calf's liver or a pork chop simply sautéed in butter. Simply heat the grapes for a few seconds in the cooking pan; deglaze with a little Pineau des Charentes. Another version: sear a thin slice of foie gras in a non-stick pan; transfer to a plate. Heat the grapes in the cooking fat and deglaze with Sauternes. 

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