Pinot gris
Pinot gris

Wine grapes: Pinot gris

A mutation of the pinot noir grape, pinot gris is also known as:

  • Ruländer, Takayer, Grauer Burgunder in Germany and German-speaking regions
  • Malvoisie in Valais
  • Tokay in Alsace
  • Moine gris in Hungary

Although it's known as Malvoisie in Valais, it has no relation to the varieties of Malvoisie of the Muscat family.

The pinot gris has whitish sprouts in the spring, with thick leaves and violet-colored grape bunches. 

Swiss Terroirs
It is grown in all Swiss wine-making regions. In Valais, it produces a late-harvest wine that is pleasantly sweet with honeyed flavors. 

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