Sauvignon blanc
Sauvignon blanc

Wine grapes: Sauvignon blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is one of the best French wine grapes, which is why it has become the choice of several regions. Sauvignon Blanc produces Pouilly-Fumé, Quincy and particularly Sancerre, in which it is the sole grape variety. Sauvignon Blanc is primarily a Loire grape. In the Bordeaux region, combined with other white grapes, it is used to make Graves and Sauternes. It is still found in the wines of Provence and the southwest. 

In the Loire Valley, Sauvignon has earned such renown that "Sauvignon wines" are distinguished from other kinds. 

Wine and aromas
Sauvignon Blanc gives wines a herbal character with mineral and melon flavors. 

Pouilly Fumé, Sancerre, Entre Deux Mers, Sauternes, Graves, etc

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