Sugar Loaf Pineapple
Sugar Loaf Pineapple

The sugar loaf pineapple takes its name from its long shape and its sweetness. It is distinctive in that it remains green even when ripe. These two factors distinguish it from the small Victoria or Queen pineapple and the traditional Gold pineapple.

The sugar loaf pineapple is a variety unique to Guadeloupe, developed on the lowland plantations. Growing it requires great skill and attention because of the little rodents that also appreciate its sweetness!


Since it is always green, it is somewhat overlooked by consumers who hesitate to buy a fruit that never seems to ripen.

Choosing: Press the base of the fruit: if it is slightly yellowish and both supple and firm, the pineapple is perfectly ripe. Smell it: it should have a full fruity aroma.

Avoid those with soft spots or brownish leaves.

Another sign: the skin color is uneven - you sometimes see a little yellow at the base.


Consume soon after buying. Like all exotic fruit, it does not like cold or any temperature below 8° C. Leave at room temperature.


Remove the leaves and skin.

You can eat the core which is less fibrous than the traditional pineapple.


The white flesh is appreciated for its sweetness and honeyed flavor.

It can be eaten plain, in fruit salads or cocktails.

As is said in Guadeloupe, this fruit can be eaten to your heart's content, either on its own or in candies.

Widely used in Creole, Asian and Caribbean cooking, it is prepared roasted, in fritters and even spiced.

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