Chinese coriander or Culantro
Chinese coriander or Culantro
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Other Names

Eryngium foetidum

French: Coriandre chinoise, Coriandre longue

German: Lange koriander, mexikanischer koriander, culantro, stinkdistel.

Spanish: Coriandro, cimarrón, culantro, alcapate, cilantro de tierra, recao

Other names
Chinese coriander, Culantro, mexican coriander, long coriander.

Other names
Also known as long coriander, cilantro ancho and chado beni


It is a tropical green herb, similar in taste to cilantro, only stronger.

It is used in seasoning and marinades and It is a very popular herb in the Caribbean, but also in Southeast Asian cuisines like Vietnam and Thailand



Photo : ID : 34935324 / Ratana Prongja / MSCOMMi

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