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Rangifer Tarandus


North America

Algonquin word

The young caribou is called a fawn.

Caribou are found in two types of habitat: forest and tundra. In the tundra these phenomenal troops move in columns in constant transhumance. The forest caribou is more sedentary, occupying a limited wooded area.

This ruminant mammal feeds on liches and lives in cold regions: thus it is found in Canada, Lappland and Siberia. People raise caribou and use its meat, milk, leather and antlers.

Of all the members of the Cervidae family, the caribou is the only species in which not only the male, but the female as well, has antlers. Although their coloring varies, the hide is usually brown while the neck and mane are cream-colored. An adult caribou can weigh up to 200 kg, with the females generally being 25% smaller than the males.


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