Northern Shrimp
Northern Shrimp
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Pandalus borealis

English - Northern shrimp, pink shrimp, coldwater shrimp
Norsk - Reker / Dyphavsreke
Deutsch - Tiefseegarnele / Garnelen
Français - Crevette nordique / Crevette rose in France
Nederlands - Noorse garnaal
Italiano - Acque profonde gambero
Español - Camarón norteño
Português - Camarão vermelho do Árctico


 Of the same family as the lobster and crayfish, this little animal with its long slender body, uniformly bright pink in color, measures 7.4 to 10 cm on average and its weight ranges from 3 to 15 g. It’s interesting to note that the coldwater shrimp’s shell or exoskeleton is hard, so in order to grow it has to shed it. It is also a “protandric hermaphrodite,” meaning that it changes sex in the middle of its life cycle, beginning life as a male, then changing into a female at age 4.

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