Also called rock crab (since it emulates the color of the rocks), the common crab is found in coastal waters all along the North American coast from Labrador. It is generally caught with traps.

Its shell is smooth, one and a half times as wide as it is long and measures on average 10 cm (4") in width. It weighs 200 g (7 oz.) on average. 

Its reddish shell with scarlet or purple patches is easily recognizable. 

Very versatile, it is used in soup (Virginia's she-crab soup, for example), quiche, salad, crêpes, hors d'oeuvre, etc. Its meat is low in fat and pairs well with mayonnaise or cream. 

Main fishing season: May to August

From the market to your table

Available fresh (crabmeat, claws and legs), frozen or canned. 


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