Its name means "look at the sun." The fruits of some plants are, in fact, totally turned towards the sun. However, its Spanish name "chile trompa" is more explicit: "elephant trunk" because it curves before pointing towards the sky. In Mexico it is called "chile travieso" or "turbulent chili," even though it is not one of the fieriest varieties.

The Mirasol dates back to pre-Columbian times. It was the first chili mentionned by Francisco Hernandez in 1615.

The plant grows 60-90 cm in height, with fruit about 10 cm long. Each plant produces about 50 chilis which, when ripe, are dark red.

Keep in a cool dark place. Will easily keep for more than a week unwrapped in the refrigerator crisper. Wrapping them in plastic bags will make them rot. To keep them longer marinate them or place them in oil.

Cooking tips
All of the chili's heat is concentrated in the seeds and ribs. To lessen their strength just remove all or some of these parts. When simmered, chiles add flavor; when subjected to dry cooking or roasting, they show their full strength. The Mirasol adds a yellow color to food.

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