Sweet chili pepper
Sweet chili pepper
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C. chinense 

French: Piment végétarien


The sweet, or mild, chili pepper is a staple of Martinique cooking. Unlike the hot chili, known as "bonda man jak," it has very little, if any, heat. It offers a surprising contrast between the strength of its aroma and its mild taste, making you wonder how a chili with such an explosion of flavor can be so inoffensive. You can even bite right into them without fear of setting your mouth on fire!

The plant that bears these sweet chilis is a member of the Solanaceae family, which includes hot chilis and tomatoes. It can reach over 1 meter in height and may bear dozens of peppers every time it flowers. They measure between 3 and 5 cm in length and are emerald green in color, turning blood red when ripe.



Collaboration: Do as we did and red a car from Jumbo Car Martinique to explore the island in comfort - and maybe buy some mild chilis from the island markets. 

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