Chicory (in general)
Chicory (in general)

The chicory family or the Cichorium family is a wide and varied group. They can be loose-leafed or tightly-headed, tapered or round, smooth-leaved or frilled. They are also brightly colored, ranging from purest white and pale yellow to bright green or maroon. All members of the chicory family are favored for the bitterness that they all share, unlike lettuces which are chosen for their delicacy.

Cichorium is divided in 2 major species:

"Leaf" chicory or Cichorium endivia
What is referred to as "leaf" chicory or Cichorium endivia. It included :
Curly endive or Frisée

Escarole also called Batavian


Wild chicory or Cichorium intybus.

It included :

  • Red chicory with Italian roots
    -- Radicchio - head chicory
    -- Treviso Radicchio - romaine-shaped heads of red and white
    -- Chioggia Radicchio - most common type of radicchio, with baseball-sized red and white heads
    -- Vérone - elongated shape, red and white
    -- Castelfranco Radicchio(baseball-sized heads of red and green)
  • Green chicory
    --  Pan di Zucchero (Italian for “Sugarloaf” , a very mild chicory with a huge, swirling head of green)
    -- capucienenbaard


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