Kabocha or Japanese Squash
Kabocha or Japanese Squash
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Other Names

  Cucurbita maxima

French: Kabocha or Courge japonaise


 Kabocha, pronounced kah-BOH-chah, is a winter squash encased in a dull, deep bluehish green, hard, mottled skin that is oftentimes lined with pale, uneven stripes. There are also some grey, white and orange skinned cultivars though the green is the most commonly produced.

Round and squat with a flattened top, it ranges from one to eight pounds but generally weighs an average of two to three pounds. Within the squash is a deep yellow orange flesh which surrounds a small seed cavity. When cooked the Kabocha squash offers a finely grained, dry flesh with a buttery and tender texture. Rather sweet, its rich flavor combines that of a sweet potato and a pumpkin.

Spiced Cream of Pumpkin Soup
Jean-Paul Bondoux, Restaurant Jean-Paul Bondoux, Argentina

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